Instanalysis Meetings

Meeting week  1

Instanalysis is born with our first meeting. Ellemijn, Jessy, Nicolas, Lucky and Juul are a team now. We had to come up with a research question and starting brainstorming, social media hypes was the main topic of our brain storming session. Soon we started talking about Instagram and the popular accounts that use product placement. We thought it was interesting because these accounts are very popular and they are now provide full-time jobs for the owners.

After finding our trend we still had to formulate our research question and came up with; How does advertising through prominent Instagram users have a changing effect on marketing in the online environment?

We started some desk research as well to gain more insight about our subject and research question. Nicolas wrote our research question down. It was decided that I, Juul, would be responsible for our blog and summarising our meetings. This was our first meeting.

Meeting week 2

In week 2 we finished our research proposal and starting thinking about what kind of sources we wanted to use for our data scraping.

Meeting week 3

We learned how to use Gephi in class and started experimenting with the software. Jessy took the lead with making the Data Scraping assignment and finished it for the next class.

Meeting week 4 & 5

In week four we started with the netnography assignment, unfortunately not everyone could attend this class but we made it work. We decided what online platforms we would use and came to the conclusion that Ellemijn and I, Juul, will be using Reddit. Lucky and Jessy will use Twitter, and Nicolas will use Warrior forum. In the end Nicolas used Facebook instead because there were almost no responses on Warrior forum, the few people that did respond thought he was making some new kind of software and asked money for their opinions. In the end we didn’t use the Facebook responses because they were irrelevant regarding our research question.

It was quite difficult to find and start discussing regarding our research question, especially people on Twitter weren’t really responsive. In the end we made it work and everyone collected data.

Meeting week 6


In week 6 we didn’t meet in class because in was inconvenient for certain group members. We still had to come together so we all went to cafe to meet. Here we compared our data and started to summarise and analyse our findings. We also  started working on our presentation we have to do in week 7. Nicolas took charge with making the slides for the presentation.

Week 7

This was the week of our presentation and it went quite well. We were satisfied with our feedback and felt like we were on the right trail. After this class we made some final decisions for the final documents.

Week 8

We didn’t meet in this week but had contact using our group WhatsApp and Facebook group. We just talked about some final touch ups and made sure that everyone uploaded their final documents so I could put them on the blog.


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