Coding Netnography

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.49.50Select at least two communities. Justify your selection by analyzing the usefulness of the communities on the following aspects:


Twitter, Reddit, Warriorforum

a)Relevant: community relates to the research focus and questions.

Reddit has become one of the vastest information hubs in the world. Another reason why we choose is because people post very frequently and there is alot of information traffic at any given moment of the day, regardless of the timezone the person is in. Reddit is closely tied to the internet 2.0 movement, and therefore is relevant as instagram also is a product of this development.

Twitter is another platform that will come in handy, as we are looking at user generated content, and user-generated content driven marketing concepts. Twitter can function as a news platform too, in order to get the latest news and eyewitness accounts one must look no further than Tr, however we are more interested in what the people have to say about affiliate links, brand ambassadors and insta bloggers.

The warrior forum is a large online forum that discusses e-commerce, Social Media, and Social Media marketing. The forum is used by many people both in research and in the professional world and there is daily discussions going on about how we can change the way we sell products to people.

b)Active: the community has recent and regular communications

All three online communities and platforms are highly active and people post, tweet and write information on these platforms by the second.

c) Interactive: there is a flow of communications between participants

The flow of information is diverse in the three sources. Twitter may be alot easier to find and process the information, whereas reddit has are not so clear user interface. With warriorforum on the other hand, we might have to wait for responses a bit longer and the interaction is of asynchronous nature. There is no real-time response.

d) Heterogeneous: there is a number of different participants

The number of participants differs slightly from source to source, however reddit and twitter will have a much higher response rate as they are very popular and used more frequently than the warriorforum.

e) Data-rich: there is detailed and/or descriptively rich data available.

The information presented ranges from rather not serious answers to very detailed professional insight, depending on the platform and person answering.

Marketing/Business Instagram Fashion
Sponsorship Promotion codes/ Voucher/Coupons IT-Girls
Brand Ambassadors Followers Role-models
Affiliate Links/Product Placements “Shoutouts” Fashionista/Trend setter


2. Entrée:

  Decide on your roles as ethnographers (active/passive; overt/covert). Justify your choice.

We choose to be an overt researcher, as we are researching the effect of instagram marketing on people and want to be truthful and open about it. The way people have been targeted by marketing, was not always voluntarily and truthful in the past but that has changed. By following insta models and bloggers, the individual in question shares taste, ideology or any other product the blogger sells, with the blogger and personally chooses to do so.

How did you introduce yourselves (present screenshot)?

Hello ………….. (Online community),

My name is ……………….. and together with my research team we are currently researching why people choose to buy products that have been advertized by instagram models and bloggers. We also want to investigate why regular marketing campaigns and strategies are not working anymore? Are we not gullible anymore? Do we individualize too much? Can brands not target us as a whole anymore, but have we gotten too specific dreams and wishes? Or is it distrust of large corporations and brands, and we would rather like to buy from local designers, innovators, builders, etc. ? Is earning money through brand ambassadorship and affiliate links a trend? or a fad? We are interested in what you think and hope to gather a more in-depth understanding of the e-commerce world. Your opinions will be gathered, analyzed and names will be anonymized.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.51.39

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.53.34

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.53.55


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