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[-] sirwatsonthedog

I’ve tried to partner with several ‘lifestyle’ instagram accounts with 100k+ followers. They are the accounts which post nice cars, houses, and luxury goods. We really didn’t see a good ROI on it. We noticed a lot of likes were from accounts that seemed like bots (20 accounts following them, while they follow 500 accounts). Also, the content you give them to post is very important.


[-] turnthismotherout

A lot of people are suggesting you use services to find influential instagram accounts like instabrand and revfluence, I advise against this unless you want to kill your ROI. The only service I would recommend is

I also recommend and searching by hashtags/keywords to find appropriate accounts to contact. A lot of your instagram success will depend on your product and brand.

Outreach, outreach, outreach. Find your own contacts and build your own relationships. If you have one or two people doing outreach to potential influencers you will have a shortlist of accounts by the end of the week.

My company has had huge success with Instagram shoutouts. An $80 shoutout on the right account usually has a ROI of 1500% to 2000% and our site isn’t mobile optimized yet.

When negotiating with accounts find out if the post is permanent or temporary and if you can provide both the caption and image. We’ve had the most success when we provide both the caption/image. I usually don’t do posts unless there up for at least 24 hours (most of the sales will come in the first 12 hours).

My company and I did our own outreach for Instagram and I am SO glad we avoided all of the middleman services. We used some of them for our YouTube sponsorships and it slowed down the whole process and we ended up paying a large markup for nothing. In the end our internal YouTube influencer outreach was far more successful.


[-] pianoyeah

I think that you might be getting better value just by finding good, relevant influencers and working with them to create a story around your product/brand rather than getting a shout out. I have tried shout outs and I have a strong suspicion they are powered by bots. There is absolutely no value in them. You get some likes a few spammy comments. That’s it!


Instagram marketing

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[-] mmmarce

Their business blog might be a good place to start – they have tons of great examples to learn from (or just straight up copy).

Also remember that Instagram isn’t meant to be a traffic driver, rather for engagement or top of mind awareness. You can’t have live links in photo captions or comments. You can get around it by putting the link in the “location” field or using other (paid) tools like like2buy or


[-] metropolis09

Instagram isn’t a good traffic driver because they don’t enable links in posts. That’s why everyone says “link in the bio”


[-] ickykarma

Do keyword research to see which keywords to use on your photos.

Also, you can use Instagram to drive leads unlike the other comment here. It would be in your profile description. And it does drive leads.


[-] deleted

A big part of instagram- which SME touches on is the audience. Instagram is growing, yes, but does it actually apply to your environmental consulting business target? Don’t spend time and money on something that will never reach your audience.

Instagram promotion

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[-] Andrian-TQM

To be honest, it totally depends on the type of business.

Instagram usually favors solopreneurs who share their personal life.

However, if you are a startup you can share pictures of your people and your products on a daily basis and that helps with the engagement. People love to get involved and have a peek at the personal life of the business they are buying from.


[-] SageJTN

Yes, this is done all the time. Here are a couple examples:

I like to call this being a “curator” instead of a “creator” and it happens in almost every area I’ve been to in the landscape photography sector. I personally don’t think it’s beneficial for the photographers that get featured (as I have been a few times), but that’s not what this thread is about.

I’m not sure how you might get started, but I assume posting a couple great pictures and then using a bot targeting your niche would work well. Once you are rolling, continued growth is easy. Monetize by selling 1 in 10 posts to a fledgling outdoor company in your niche.


[-] soccerthrowawaying

One model that is really popular is advertising artist pages. Instagram is a huge way for artists to get their work out to fans and some pages charge artists to feature their work. People follow these artist feature pages because finding new art is something that instagrammers are interested in. It isn’t just art though, similar pages feature personal trainers or supermodels. Just don’t try to feature artists, personal trainers, and models all in one because people want a tailored feed.


[-] missperception

I believe I’m the perfect person to answer this question. A year ago, I had an Instagram account with near 100k followers. Content curating is very common among top accounts. I curated roughly 40% of my content; in fact, the trick is to form a group of friends with alot of followers and curate each others content and shout each other out. There are people with millions of followers that did just that.To give more perspective as to how powerful this is, my account was featured on an international ESPN commercial, I had a sponsorship, and I was paid VERY significantly for doing all of this. PM me if you have any question, I’m the man to ask. :p


Instagram Ambassador

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[-] Cheekysascha

My goal for my Instagram is to turn it into a job from advertising deals/brand partnerships.

I’ve got 237 followers at the moment and have put almost 20k euros in equipment and flights, at the moment it’s more of a hobby then a job and the only money I make from photography is selling prints of my pictures which has made me almost 5000 euros in the past 5 months so hopefully once I get more followers I’ll be able to sell more prints and make it a real job.


[-] Nick-Rad

At first it was a way to train my eye to see differently through the 1:1 ratio. But then I started seeing work others were doing with dslrs and then uploading to insta. I couldn’t compete with a phone given the subjects I shoot.

It pushed me to invest in better equipment for the thing I love most. I’d really like to use it to build a customer base and potentially get some publication/editorial work.

Still trying to figure out the best method to get followers without following a bunch of accounts. It’s almost become a brain teaser for me. I’m trying to navigate influencers to get featured and build an audience in addition to figuring out which hashtags get the most followers.

IG: @nickrad


[-] SmileyRedhead

I am an introvert.

Instagram gives me a way to get positive attention without me having to actually interact with anyone.


[-] TheUndeadTuna

I try and put thoughtfulness into my pictures and I’d like people to appreciate them. I’m only at 300 followers so I don’t feel like I’m getting recognition for my pictures, even though I’d argue my pictures are better than my friends but my pictures get so much less attention.


Instagram Sponsorship

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[-] TaiGlobal

He just contacts the owners directly and just looks for good deals. He really just buys accounts for the followers. So he looks at the engagement [likes/comments]. Then he makes an offer. I was interested in doing something similar but he adviced me not to so I’ll extend that same advice to others. The buying accounts and trying to sell it comes with all types of nefarious people that will try and scam you. They’ll sell you the account and then after you buy try and log back in and change the pw or contact ig and try and get it back. Threaten you all types of craziness. But imo that comes with the type of account you’re trying to buy. But this is also for large accounts, if you’re trying to get something with less than 50k followers you might be a little more safe.


[-] TaiGlobal

Promoted posts is like any other advertising method. You have test and try different things. Take FitTea for example, if you go to any attractive females IG with a lot of followers you’ll most likely run into a promoted post from them. I’ve heard they spent close to $30k on this an it seems to be paying off for them:

Same thing with MateFit:

But that works for them because the fitness industry is huge on instagram. But I won’t say these same results will be the case for everybody.


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