Reddit Netnography

Analysis data search Reddit

From this data we concluded that Reddit is an online research forum where people really help each other and give the others advice. We also noticed that the people on Reddit mostly ask how they become insta-famous themselves, how they can get more followers, more likes and how their Instagram feed gets more viewers.

Reddit is not a very active forum anymore so the data I gathered was quite “old”, nine months ago or six months ago for instance. Because of this, I wasn’t able to research for the full 10 days because the data didn’t change. I chose to be an observer because it would not be useful for me to really interact with the people responding on the questions, because there wasn’t really anyone still responding. As observer, I read what people asked and how others responded on this. That is how I concluded, as mentioned before, that people really want to help each other without immediately asking a favor in return. Respondents wanted to partner up with the people asking the questions. There was not really anyone “starting the discussion”, Reddit is really about people asking questions because they want to achieve something – in this case, becoming Insta-famous – and others responding on this question.

As already mentioned, I chose to be an observer since this data search engine is not very recent anymore. I didn’t ask any questions and I did not participate in answering any questions as well. I only read what people asked and read how others responded on those questions.

We made a table to make it clear what subjects were discussed regarding to our research question:

Marketing/Business Instagram Fashion
How much money do bloggers make Hashtags Inspiration
Sponsors/Selling out Followers Style

Archive relevant data:

Instagram Influencer Marketing

“Outreach, outreach, outreach. Find your own contacts and build your own relationships. If you have one or two people doing outreach to potential influencers you will have a shortlist of accounts by the end of the week,” is what respondent said. Build a network and locate your influencers. This increases the value because an Instagram account has more impact when its influencers help creating a story around a brand or product rather than just getting a ‘shout out’.


Instagram Marketing

Companies want to use Instagram as a marketing tool, they need to know how. People mostly responded with: “Instagram isn’t a good traffic driver because they don’t enable links in posts. That’s why everyone says “link in the bio.” This is a negative side for companies with this goal, using Instagram as a marketing tool. The general advice was to use keywords (hashtags).


Instagram Promotion

The question here was ‘how to use Instagram for business’ where people want to build their own business with Instagram without using their own content.

“To be honest, it totally depends on the type of business.

Instagram usually favors solopreneurs who share their personal life,” is what people responded. It is done all the time and it is definitely possible, it really depends on the type of business, the type of followers, and the type of images this person posts. The advice was to ask friends (with a lot of followers) to give you shoutouts so the profile gets noticed by a large group of people.


Instagram Ambassador

The question asked here was what someone’s goal on Instagram was. Of course, all the  answers varied because not everyone is on Instagram just to get ‘famous’. Someone responded she is only on instagram because she is an introvert and Instagram gives her a way to get positive attention without her having to actually interact with anyone. Other people just want their images to get appreciated or companies that want to get attention for their products or even for their own business, to become better known among the people. There is no general answer on this question.


Instagram Sponsorship

There are a lot of Instagram posts that are sponsored, people that post images where they use a certain product of a company, when the company requests them to do this, get paid.

“Promoted posts is like any other advertising method. You have test and try different things.” For instance, FitTea, a lot of girls drink this – for the company – and posts pictures with the tea and the product bag on Instagram to ‘advertise’ and get others to buy this product as well. Those girls that posts these pictures get paid by the FitTea company.


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