Trend Analysis

Trend analysis

There were give or take 400 million guests present at Instagram’s fifth birthday party. That is the amount of monthly active users the photo-sharing app has and believe it or not but almost half of them are under 25. It is considered the cool one in the triumvirate of social media (along with Twitter and Facebook.(CNN, 2015)

Developers have changed very little since its inception and that has to do with the fact that the platform’s appeal lies in its simplicity. However due to the introduction of sponsored posts, people tend to feel that Instagram is at something of a crossroads. Where will it go from here? Will it lose its creative spirit or simply push on to the next level with a whole of new features in addition to the already existing ones?


The best Instagram accounts are both aspirational and storytelling. The fashion world have noticed this occurrence. There is a desire for storytelling and designers and brands are responding to that by inviting their Instagram followers into a previously closed world. Model’s careers are made due to the planning of show lighting and set design with Instagram in mind and it is now the place were trends become reality.

Olivier Rousteing has over 1.3 million followers. He has recently previewed Balmain’s SS16 ready-to-wear collection on his feed. Although the majority of his followers are unable to afford the clothes or lifestyle they are however able to be part of the conversation. (CNN, 2015)

Thanks to social media, the fashion is no longer catered to a crowd of cooler-than-thou insiders. The fashion world was once a multi-billion dollar industry focused on the interests of a selected few amongst the fashion buyers and press. However it has now evolved to become a lot more-open minded and inclusive. Hernandez says ‘’Shows were very closed off to the outside world’’ to a packed auditorium in Manhattan’s Civic Hall. ‘’It’s much more democratic now’’ (Fast Company, 2015)

Instagram has opened to fashion world to Instagram users from all over the world on a daily basis. Instagram has made everyone something of a fashion expect by allowing users to tag their favourite brands in posts and to let users engage in conversations.

Instagram’s apps such as Hyperlapse or Boomerang, encourage users to be creative about they are posting by pushing that dialogue along. The availability of different tools make Instagram the most perfect platform to showcase every aspect of a fashion show to the broader audience.

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