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Hello Twitter,

My name is Lucky and together with my research team we are currently researching why people choose to buy products that have been advertized by instagram models and bloggers. We also want to investigate why regular marketing campaigns and strategies are not working anymore? Are we not gullible anymore? Do we individualize too much? Can brands not target us as a whole anymore, but have we gotten too specific dreams and wishes? Or is it distrust of large corporations and brands, and we would rather like to buy from local designers, innovators, builders, etc. ? Is earning money through brand ambassadorship and affiliate links a trend? or a fad? We are interested in what you think and hope to gather a more in-depth understanding of the e-commerce world. Your opinions will be gathered, analyzed and names will be anonymized.


Role: active/passive overt/covert


I have chosen an overt role as a researcher. The users of twitter may know who I am and what I am trying to find out. I’ve have done both active and passive research. My active research was following users on twitter, asking them questions, reacting on their tweets and sending them direct messages. The passive research I did was searching on keywords and saving the tweets by favouriting them.


The active research on twitter was not that succesfull, I tried to get information from people whose tweets I favourited when searching for the keywords but they barely reacted via direct messages or ‘mentions’ which are replies on twitter to someone.


One answer we got was from @OfficeDepot, they tweeted a link with how people should be marketing their business on Instagram. I replied to this tweet asking why regular marketing campaign and strategies don’t work anymore? Their answer was that they’ve never said they don’t work. According to them Instagram just provided another avenue to reach new audiences during these social times.


Another account, @sandeepskts tweeted “How to Use #Instagram for Business Promotion? #MarketingTips, Strategies & Promotion Ideas” we asked him the same question: “Why do regular marketing campaign and straggles not work anymore?” His answer was: “Because day by day there are anything new in the industries demanded by industry. that’s why regular marketing not work.”


When we asked people questions through direct messages we got no reply at all.

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Archive relevant data

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“all the data can be found at

Central categories and topics in the data we archived were Instagram Brand Ambassadors and Instagram Sponsorships, Instagram Marketing was also a central category. I got these categories by the keywords used, people talk a lot about these topics.


Instagram Brand Ambassador:

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There is a lot to find about this category, there are many people that have an opinion on brand ambassadors, they think brand ambassadors can be superficial. There are some people that mock them but also people that would like to be brand ambassadors themselves and ask for a sponsorship. There are various tweets like “5 ways to become a successful Instagram brand ambassador” with links talking about the fanbase one should have in order to be a brand ambassador. I also found a lot of business and brands promoting their own brand ambassadors or asking for brand ambassadors. People tweet they’ve become brand ambassadors for a brand and tell people to look them up on Instagram.


Instagram Sponsorships:

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A lot of twitter users tweet that they strive for a sponsorship, they tweet that they have this amount of followers and this many likes and ask when they are getting a sponsorship from a certain brand, sometimes mocking, some serious people. There are many complaints of people about Instagram-users which claim they have a sponsorship and get sponsored, for example a girl posted a selfie with a mac lipstick saying thank you for this amazing colour. A lot of people reacted negative on her saying she was acting like she got a sponsorship while she just bought the lipstick herself. Other people say sponsorship deals are down the path of instagram modelling. I also found a lot of people asking for a sponsorship and businesses asking who wants to be sponsored by them. There are also tweets from people that already get sponsored thanking their sponsor for products they’ve received or the sponsorship itself. People also brag about their sponsorships on twitter.


Instagram Marketing:

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This topic is very broad, when you enter the keyword in Search in twitter it gets results almost every 5 minutes. People tweet about Instagram marketing programs they use and advise it to others. There was also a lot on how to market your business on Instagram, a lot of articles. A lot of users say Instagram marketing provides effective results in a short time. But also other users that say Instagrams users will decline because Instagram started posting ads theirselves. @Emerce even stated that engagement on Instagram will decline with 40%.


The research I’ve done provides very little information to answer our research question “How does advertising through prominent Instagram users have a changing effect on marketing in the online environment?”. We can say that the advertising through prominent Instagram users has changed the marketing environment but with my data I can’t answer the research question. We give recommendations to businesses that are new in the field of marketing and we can only advise them that marketing through prominent Instagram users is a great tool, but you have to make sure these Instagrammers really are popular and didn’t buy their followers. Also their lifestyle has to match your product.


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